Does Proactiv Plus Work

Does Proactiv Plus Work

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  • Ashley Coker

    I will take your proactiv plus products :)

  • Rowanna H

    you have to wait more than two weeks to see results . If you kept using it
    for more than month , i think it might worked for you. I start to see
    result after a month and it works wonder now . You have to be patience to
    see the results that you want. 

  • RavenOfficial

    Thank God For Makeup! ❤

  • Charlee FruitJuice

    hey i started using this 3 step kit and was wondering does the hydrator
    burn for you? it burns a little for me?

  • Jennifer Asuncion

    Do NOT BUY this product. They just ripped me off $119. Are still funneling
    money out of my account. I’ve been trying to cancel my account with them
    but I always get the same run around and each supervisor I talk to say that
    I will no longer be shipped or charged another dumb box of proactive and
    the what do you know! Another charge! It’s ridiculous! Save yourself the
    crap I’m dealing with and don’t order this product EVER. And by the way
    your shitty product is over?drying and your ” free gifts” for the order are
    not really free. Thats how u handle business?

  • Shani Ruberu

    Did you stop using the ROC Retinol products?

  • emeraldc83

    Cystic acne I believe is what that type of acne you have is called. I have
    the same kind. A black head can be squeezed/extracted and the head is
    black. A white head is like a pimple/boil that can also be
    squeezed/extracted and its white/pus. Cystic acne is under the skin and
    can’t be squeezed/extracted.

  • Ravinder2220

    Is this new proactiv better than original proactiv

  • MrslanaW100

    Please do weekly vids. Thanks

  • Sarah20az

    It seems more confusing then the normal 3 steps of proactive and I like my
    toner :( I only use one or two of the steps every other day because my skin
    is dry but I get pimples every once and a while because my skin is dry!
    Crazy huh? Dry skin pimples…who knew! It works well, but I also have to
    use Aragon oil to make sure my dry skin does not cause wrinkles…it has
    antiseptic properties so it doesn’t break me out

  • divaliciously

    Does the proactive plus have parabens in the ingredients list?

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